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  • How much is the monthly membership fee?
    The "active" monthly membership fee is just $4.97. The "VIP" monthly membership fee is $14.97.
  • What is the difference between the two memberships?
    Basic Membership ($4.97/mo) This is our most popular choice and offers the following benefits: Substantial discounts on ticket prices on events like comedy shows, museum visits, group dancing lessons, escape rooms, etc. Unlimited invitations in your inbox to entertaining events and adventures around Chicagoland. Inclusion in small group experiences with other singles around your same age. (Groups generally have a 10-year age range and strive for an ideal of 50/50 split on male/female.) Connecting you with your group in a texting thread to plan and connect before, during, and after the event. Opportunity to share your feedback after the event. Intentional groupings to help you continue connecting with those you enjoyed time with. 30-day free trial that is renewed monthly with the opportunity to cancel anytime through Curated content from Larissa about dating, healing, growing, connection, relationships, intimacy, and love in your inbox! VIP Membership ($14.97/mo) This is for people who would like to have more conversation-based events. With this option, you: must pass a background check and apply to join. will receive all of the benefits and opportunities of the Basic Membership. Yes, you'll get invited to all of the events. will also get invited to specially designed events in a quiet, cozy space with conversation prompts, sharing activities, and discussion topics. can experience more genuine, lower-energy events to reflect within, share with others, and experience meaningful social connections that is rarely available in our culture. Of course, I want you to be overjoyed with your experience with us. Please be sure to reach out if you have questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions on how we can improve Mindful Dating Events. You can cancel or change your membership type at any time. I don't take your investment lightly and strive to exceed your expectations. =) Thanks for supporting this important movement to change the dating culture and create a healthy alternative to online dating.
  • Do I need a membership to attend an event?
    No. If you find our event posted on, Meetup, or Eventbrite feel free to RSVP for it right there! Be sure to check that you're within the age range mentioned for that event before purchasing a ticket. If you'd like to get personal invitations to these events sent right to your inbox, then a membership is for you! You'll be invited to similarly aged small group experiences at least a week before it gets posted to the public. There are lots of benefits of joining the very low-cost membership but if that's not for you, you're welcome to join us when you can. Be sure to check,, and often!
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Right now, the easiest way to cancel your membership is by writing Larissa an email (at and letting her know that you want to cancel. She will write back with gratitude for your time with us and a link to share your feedback. Sharing your experience with us is VITAL for our continued effort and direction to make Mindful Dating Events better so please give us your direct and honest feedback! There is a way to cancel via if you make an account. Having an account with does help you manage all the different purchases you make with Stripe but it isn't necessary to participate in Mindful Dating Events.
  • What is Mindful Dating Events?
    In an effort to give us an alternative to online dating, Mindful Dating Events puts connection, friendship, and organic chemistry before someone's height and occupation. Mindful Dating Events brings back the "good ole days" of social interaction by giving singles a community in which to get to know others naturally. When you attend events, you're sharing experiences and building trust with those you see more often, and this lays the foundation for authentic friendships and long term relationships... all while trying something new and having fun! By completing an initial questionnaire and sharing some basic information about you, you get your name on the list from which age-similar groups and events are paired. From bocce to a high ropes course, you'll have a blast sharing new and exciting adventure with other singles who want to meet in person and build relationships organically too. You won't want to miss the fun & connection...sign up here.
  • Does Larissa go to the events?
    No, Larissa doesn't go to the events. Group dynamics flow more naturally and allow group members' natural energy to surface without a designated leader. When you and your group members work together to plan and execute an experience tailored to your individual wants and needs, you bond more over authentic communication styles, problem-solving challenges, and shared experiences. The goal of these events is for you to have fun connecting with others like you. Nothing brings a group of people together better than a low-key challenge!
  • What kinds of events are currently running?
    Trust is one of the many things we're missing in society and trust is what we need to flourish in society. At Mindful Dating Events, we believe that seeing people in many different social and cultural circles with different groups of people with their own unique set of energies and personalities and at different types of events and activities is essential for both our own social enjoyment but also for building the foundation of real trust from which meaningful connections can be built upon. So, we have a variety of experiences for you! We're currently running the following events: Movement: Salsa & Bachata Group Dance Lessons Adventure: Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course Laughter: Drunk Shakespeare Comedy Show Problem Solving: 60 to Escape Escape Room Challenge Play: Immersive Gamebox Experience In addition to the above, the following events are offered for our VIP members: Story Telling: Personal Trivia & Conversation Problem Solving & Teamwork: Finders Seekers Mystery Puzzle Prompts & Sharing: Coffee with Connection If you have suggestions or are a business who would like to get involved, please write Larissa with details. (
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