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About Larissa


Special Interest in Dating, Intimacy, and Relationships

Larissa is incredibly passionate about helping others live a life they're excited about every day. From helping teenagers learn powerful life skills in her math classes, to coaching singles on how to date authentically, Larissa wants to bring clarity, confidence, and connection to everyone that feels frustrated, lost, or disconnected. Larissa knows all too well how awful these experiences can feel. After her marriage blew up in 2016, she spent many years feeling many things, including lost and frustrated. Then after experiencing the online dating scene, no word is better to explain her reaction than frustrated! And then the pandemic hit! As the majority of us all became disconnected, the world of unpartnered and alone became bleak and lonely. So she started the "Mindful Dating - Dating IRL Events & Coaching" MeetUp group in 2020 and have since hosted over 160 virtual and in-person singles events and coaching presentations. Over the years, Larissa has been encouraged by her active group of over 900 members to take her ideas, events, and opportunities to the next level. In 2021, Larissa founded Dating IRL to build an authentic alternative to online dating that brings singles together for personal development, genuine connection, and meaningful friendships. In addition to the events, she developed Mindful MatchUp to help continue those good conversations in a more personalized setting. To support her members and truly create a higher standard for dating, Larissa has created a transformative group coaching program called Mindful Dating and offers 1:1 coaching.  


 Larissa is dedicated to changing the rules of dating because she, too, was disappointed with the structure and values integrated in the traditional dating culture. There are a lot of wonderful and well-intentioned people out there but the dopamine-driven, all-or-nothing, wall-building, hyper-sexual, pro-ghosting dating culture has created a multitude of barriers against connecting with ourselves and with others. “It’s easy to get a date but near impossible to make a deep connection,” said one of her clients. “Well, let's make it better then,” Larissa replied, “we owe it to ourselves to create the situation we want.” This is now her goal: To create a mindful, supportive, hands-on, fun, and resource-rich environment for singles to find their own light, see the light in others, and gain skills to illuminate the path to a healthy, loving relationship.

Background: Larissa is a single mother to her adolescent daughter and two younger sons. She lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago and is originally from downstate. She enjoys construction and major DIY projects, being active, health-focused, and in nature. A couple of years after her  marriage ended, she started dating for the first time. As a curious and “learn on the job” kind of person, Larissa has had a wide range of experiences and gained first-hand (and researched) knowledge on self-discovery, dating, intimacy, and relationships. Also, as a survivor of narcissistic and abusive relationships, Larissa has done and continues to do the hard work to feel whole, happy, grounded, and grateful for who she is and what’s she had to go through to get here. This powerful journey of growth, possibility, dignity, and strength is at the foundation of Mindful Dating. Larissa has been fascinated by romantic relationships and love since kindergarten and now she’s more than thrilled to be sharing her knowledge and passion with all of you!

Disclaimer: Since Larissa is not a licensed therapist, the information she provides is strictly for informational purposes only. The classes, coaching, and community events of Mindful Dating and the advice that Larissa offers does not substitute for seeing a licensed therapist or other medical professional. Larissa highly encourages everyone to find a professional therapist to help navigate the challenges of life and to further reflect upon the questions presented by Larissa and the Mindful Dating community. If you have any additional questions or comments, please click on ‘Contact Us’ and send us a message. Thank you for spending your time with us. We believe the love you desire is out there and we’re here to support your steps to find it.  

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