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Joe, IL

Larissa was very helpful in her evaluation of my online profile. I wasn't getting many responses from the woman I was trying to target and after making a few changes based on her recommendations I was surprised to see more interest and am communicating with a few woman at the moment. I guess her teaching skills came in handy for me!

Our Top 3 Podcast



My first interview is with Jonathan, an incredibly self-aware, articulate, and happy man with whom I went on a handful of dates in the past. Jonathan brings up many wonderful topics with beautiful comments such as:

  • "Growth is learning what our beliefs are and deciding which ones we want to change."

  • "Is this fear legit? Is it something keeping me from getting a need met or do I need to listen to it and back off?"

  • "How can I get data out of this so I can grow?"



In my interview with Stacy, she shares her journey through a limiting, people-pleasing childhood that sets the stage for being invisible and taken advantage of in her marriage.  Some insightful comments Stacy made are:​

  • “He always came off very confident and classy.”

  • “I felt invisible and it bothered me but I didn’t want to be the possessive, insecure girlfriend.”

  • “I fell into the empath trap of…turn the other cheek. Our faith teaches us to have compassion, empathy, and forgive.”

  • “I have a voice in my family now.”


The Pilot

In our first episode, I share a bit of my journey and how I am feeling called to walk through these slightly scary doors, one of which is starting a podcast! Thankfully, I've had several lessons in surrendering control and letting go of that 'picture perfect' idea of what I want to happen. Letting my heart lead (with healthy discernment, of course) has opened the doors for so many beautiful things in my life which include the space for something bigger and better than my mind could have imagined. Not sure where this path leads but I know it feels open and positive to walk it...thanks for joining us on our journey!

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