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My Other Projects

Director of Special Programs
at AWAKE: Oneness Tribe

I'm lucky to be the Director of Special Projects at AWAKE: Oneness Tribe where I am honored to lead multiple groups of passionate people who want to offer love to marginalized and underserved people around the Chicagoland area. Check out our work below!

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Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor

A scheduling conflict in college left me uncertified as a group fitness instructor. Back then, step & kickboxing was all the rage. Now, over 20 years later, doing a HIIT workout in 105 degree heat is my new obsession. I've been doing it long enough that I finally took the leap to teach it. So excited to bring this amazing feeling to others! 

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Coordinator of Oneness Coaching
at AWAKE: Oneness Tribe

My first position within AWAKE, I'm designing and executing two coaching programs for AWAKE members and providers. The first one to be released is the Oneness Certification Program and then a Life Coach Certification Program. More details to come! 

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Align to Love Podcast

I've really enjoyed a space to have honest and vulnerable 1:1 conversations and group discussions about love and relationships to share with all of you. I think we all have an amazing story of complex beauty, growth, and connection. When we open up, true connection and meaning is possible. Click below to listen or sign up to chat!

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