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About Mindful Dating


Mindful Dating™ is a comprehensive dating service that offers classes, coaching, and community to those looking to enter the dating world with solid footing. Larissa Hanson, Mindful Dating's Dating, Intimacy, & Relationship Coach, has worked with hundreds of adults to help them discover their light and illuminate their path to love. 

One of the many reasons Mindful Dating is gaining such momentum is by our foundational belief that you need to build self-trust and the trust of others before you can build a healthy relationship. Mindful Dating is creating a better way to find a life-long partner by providing opportunities to meet other singles in a low-pressure, friendship-focused, compassionate environment. With self-reflective worksheets and journals, one-on-one coaching, challenge adventures, virtual real-time classes, and small group meetings, you will be gaining more than just a dating service, you'll be finding your light and building your tribe! 

Regardless of where you are in life or what your relationship goals are, Mindful Dating will meet you where you're at, offer compassion without judgement, create a roadmap for your journey, and be there to support you through it all.  Interested in joining our community or learning more? Click below and let’s see what Mindful Dating can do for you!

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Hi Larissa, I enjoyed my time on the call and the interaction among the group. I think you are a very good facilitator and your caring nature was very apparent. Thank you. I hope to join future calls you may be putting together.

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You have fascinating insight into human nature, both male and female, and provide a wonderful service to all of us, thank you! Looking forward to the next meet.



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Hi Larissa,

I made some of your suggested changes to my profile.  It has made a difference already!  I have gotten several replies and messages from women now. Hopefully I will find a good one.
Thanks for you help!

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Larissa was very helpful in her evaluation of my online profile. I wasn't getting many responses from the woman I was trying to target and after making a few changes based on her recommendations I was surprised to see more interest and am communicating with a few woman at the moment.
I guess her teaching skills came in handy for me!




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